Press photography VS art photography is it ethical and acceptable to alter art photographs

Fig 1. Captures an event on 1989 in China, Fig 2. Captures an event of people in Syria.  Both photographs are political related.  Both pictures can bring  terror, fear, sorrow and maybe even anger  to the viewers.  But Fig 3. and Fig 4. shows peace ans natural figures and shapes.  The main difference is that , in press photography it is usually very negative and some pictures are cropped so the viewer can focus on the terror.  The images on art photography can be a wide shot or a zoomed photo.  Sometimes art photography ha more color, so it shows the beauty of the world.

It is ethical and acceptable to alter art photographs, the reason is because it it art. Images could be clearer and more focus to draw the viewers attention.  However press photography should never be altered,  the reason is because you want the viewer to see the while image at its raw state.  If press photography were altered people would start questioning the press, and ask the press what they are trying to hide, or show.  In the lecture slide in slide 4 of

Kertesz is correct with being invisible while taking photographs.  Some photographs like press photography, and art photography, the photographer needs to be hidden.  If the photographer is hidden it is easier to capture nature because nature wont notice a human taking a photo,  nature will just act natural and therefore you can capture its original and undisturbed moment.  Same goes with press photography.  If photographers are taking pictures of war, there is a high risk for the photographer to be injured or killed.  Especially in communist countries like China or North Korea, governments  are very sensitive with taking photographs.  The communist government might think you are a spy from another country, but at the same time we might just want to take a picture of ancient structures, so therefor we need to be hidden sometimes.  

In the video

I agree with Henri Cartier-Bresson.  He talks about how photography is like painting.  You can only capture the moment once.  There is no such thing as a retake, or a repaint.   Once you have the image captured, it doesn’t just capture the image it captures the moment too.  Similar to still painting.  Every moment could be every capture of an image.


Photo Manipulation Assignment – My Food Truck

Ever since I started high school I always had fun playing around with photoshop.  I am not the best photo-shopper, not like the ones you see on youtube.  I photoshop pictures and edit pictures to get new ideas, concepts and work on projects.  Ever since I went to George Brown College for culinary I wanted to learn how to cook like a chef and run my own business, but somethings I found out was too fancy and time consuming for me.  And since food trucks are getting more and more popular I decided, when I have the money, I want to open a food truck.  The first step I did was started working on my logo from scratch. See the image (My Logo) below.  Considering there would be lots of fried foods on a food truck I made my logo shaped like a fry basket, by using simple lines.  Then I figured it looked too simple.   I was thinking of new Ideas trying to grab peoples attention so I thought of fire.  So what I did was, I found an image of fire on google images see (Fig.2)  then I cropped it to my liking and but it on top of the fry basket, so then after I used the eraser tool and try to shape it like a flame.  But like I said I am not the best photo-shopper.  I just like to work with the basics to get a rough idea. After that the picture seemed a little difficult to make clear of what it was.  So I added a bright blue colour to outline the dark areas.   To outline the fry basket to make it stand out.  But in today’s society everyone uses the social media, so I cropped (Fig.5) (Facebook and twitter) and I added my social media accounts.

Since I am terrible at drawing on the computer, I used and image (Fig.1) that I found on the internet, and started making changes to the truck, so it would look like the way I want it.  First of I painted the whole truck black, because I want to give it some good contrast.  After that I copied, pasted and re-sized (Fig.3) to make it fit my truck, and because I live in Toronto, Toronto has to be on the background.  Then I print screened a part of Google Maps (Fig.4)  cropped and re-sized the image and put the image on my truck, and then last but not least my logo.  This is still a rough idea of my truck but I think it still needs more work.

Fig .4 Image by  - Google Maps

Fig .4
Image by – Google Maps

Fig .2 Image By - Stevens Fire Equipment,Inc.

Fig .2
Image By – Stevens Fire Equipment,Inc.

My Logo

(My Logo)

My Food Truck Design

(My Food Truck Design)

After my rough Idea about the of the food truck, I decided to play with photoshop some more.  Besides from cooking and eating food I also have a lot of interest in cars.  I did this project to see what a normal looking car (Fig.6) would look like if it had a supercar body (Fig.7) .  What I did was remove most of the picture in (Fig.7), and what I did was left just the bumper and parts of the light.  The I used the image and put it on (Fig.6)  So I tried to do some line adjust and rotated the bumper a bit to try to make it look natural, I also trimmed off the sides of the bumper because it was too wide, but aslo because the 2 colours are off I mad the picture black and white and added some contrast.

My edited pictures could confuse the audience because of the black and white, it is hard for viewer to see what the original colours are, and for my food truck idea will not misguide the audience because 90% of the work is from what I created. I just needed the outline of the truck to create my own truck.

Good copy nsx

Final Product

Final Product

Innovation – food trucks

Food trucks have been around since the late eighteen hundreds. Food trucks and street food are popular around the world from places from India to Europe, Asia, North America and all the way to South America.  Customers like food trucks because it is fast and convenient.  When people think about food trucks they think of traditional fish and chips or hot dogs and other greasy foods.  In fact there are actually healthy food trucks to cater to hungry people. Some food trucks make smoked salmon sandwiches, home made tortilla, and even poached eggs.  So food truckers are innovating the food truck industry from greasy to healthy, also restaurants are expanding by using food trucks, to cater to people who don’t live near the city.  To me it is important because I love food trucks, and by looking at different types of food trucks it could help me think of menus to put on food trucks, If I ever decide to own a food truck.

Pescetarian diet

A pescetarian diet is a diet which includes fish but not meat.

Here are some of my pescetarian dish for the week

.20150313_185413 20150313_185828 IMG_20150311_160953 IMG_20150315_125840 IMG_20150315_200954 IMG_20150318_191539

Usually when I wake up, I would have a bowl of cereal and milk before I go to school.  When I am at school and it is a short day I wont eat anything till I got home.  For one of my afternoon snacks I at at home and you can see above I made pan seared salmon with teriyaki sauce salt and pepper, and with some noodles.  Dinner usually consist of a bowl of rice, a plate of dish and some vegetables.  One of the dishes I made for dinner was oven baked trout, with thyme salt and pepper and baked it for 20 minuted, on the side I had spaghetti and some lettuce.  On the spaghetti I cooked it in boil water for 8 minutes and just dressed it with olive oil.

On the first day It was hard to remember  that I had to not eat meat, and It was a struggle. So my friends and family kept reminding me that I can’t eat red meat.

The second day I remember to eat fish and vegetables, but the only trouble was that making up a recipe for fish, and the type of fish I would be cooking.

On the third day I had foods of the world, and luckily on that day we were making Indian food and all the food we made was vegetarian so i brought it home to eat for dinner.

On the forth day, I just had a vegetarian pizza from cafe in the school, and I had class at night.  At night we were making seafood, so after presenting my food, I just snacked no the food I made.

On the fifth day I had a short class, so in the morning I had cereal and milk, and after class when I went home I made the pan seared salmon noodles.

On the Saturday and Sunday I worked and I just ordered Fillet O Fish combo for both my lunches, and at dinner time my mom would steam some vegetables and fish for me to eat.

Over all experience was not really nice because my hole house smelt like fish for the whole week,  and also sticking to just fish was boring because everyday you are tasting the same fishy smell.  I could of tried other foods besides fish.  I should I tried shellfish and lobsters.

Some advice I would give is, be creative and don’t let limits limit your creations.

I would not continue with this choice because I love bacon and a juicy hamburger too much.

Farming blog

Because of the current weather conditions, I was unable to go to a farm. But I do remember going to an apple orchard  farm Called “Carl Laidlaw Orchards” back in mid October of 2014.  I remember having a conversation with one of the workers about apples.  They grow all naturally and do not use pesticide.  They believe to grow naturally, but after a while they will take old apple trees out because they will become old, and they only keep a limited size for the tree.  I like picking apples from this location it is because it is close to the city, and very family based.  It is a very nice environment, and I go there every year.

Culinary Blog Activity 2: Cooking Meat & Game

IMG_20150201_153225IMG_20150201_153629IMG_20150201_223226Today I went to T&T supermarket,  It is a supermarket but they also produce their own cuts.  For the cuts I chose Angus Beef Flank.  The butcher told me that I could cut it in to thin slices or cubes and stir fry it with teriyaki sauce and rice wine and garlic and mushrooms.  Beef Flank is located under the sirloin, and the source of the book was from “The Professional Chef” by the culinary institute of Canada.  For the flank steak I would do  a beef stew.  First I would cut the flank into small chunks of meet, and brown it with garlic, then let it set aside.  The I would brown my mirepoix and after that is done I would add red wine to it, and reduce.  After it reduces I would add the browned beef into and put in the oven, and let it cook.  The recipe could work in a fast past restaurant, because stew takes long too cook.  I could cook the stew early in the morning and then serve the stew at night.

Blog Assignment #1 – Eggs and I

IMG_20150122_001239 IMG_20150122_002840 IMG_20150122_003036

On the website “” it said to boil water then let it simmer for 5-7 minutes.  What I did was I brought 3.5 cups of water to a boil and I put in the egg, after that I turned off the heat and let it cook.  One mistake I had was I put in the egg to hard so it cracked, also I cooked it for 4 minutes, but the egg white was still runny on the inside.  This would not work with 50 or 500 eggs because it will quickly cool the water down